“Meat” the Aussies that make the pies


G’day folks!

Kevin and Rose immigrated to Canada from Australia in 2014. Within weeks of their arrival it was evident that Australia’s favourite food, and their favourite food, the meat pie, was nowhere to be found!
Now back in Oz, these little treasures can be purchased everywhere. Starting at a young age they can be ordered from the school tuck shop (canteen), in almost every servo (gas station), at sports matches (at the AFL grand final alone approximately 22,000 pies are consumed!) Simply put, the meat pie is almost a daily staple.

So what do forward thinking Aussies do in this situation? Start making the pies ourselves of course. It took a while to get these little treasures just right though, see in Oz, a good meat pie is judged by both flavour and eatability. This means, they must be eaten one handed, the pastry must hold together and the filling cannot run. You can even eat these while driving a car. Of course that’s easier here in Canada as most vehicles are automatic and not manual. (Although we don’t recommend you try this!)

Over the course of a few years, there were square pies, rectanglular pies and round pies. It was a challenge finding the right sized pie tin in Canada. There were beef pies, steak pies, venison and even lamb pies. Eventually the right sized pie tin was found, the shortcrust pie base and flakey pastry lid were perfected, along with the fillings. Kevin and Rose were making 300-400 pies a year, for their own consumption, along the way also friends and neighbours sampled them, some even offered to buy them! So why not make Australian meat pies and sell them? In 2021 the concept of Crackatinnie Pies was pencilled and in 2022 Crackatinnie Pies became a reality.

Fair Dinkum! We hope all you blokes, sheila’s and billy lids (men, women & kids) enjoy eating our pies as much as we enjoy making them.

Sincerely Mr Pie & Mrs Pie (Kevin & Rose)




Who was Ned Kelly?


Ned Kelly was an Australian bushranger living in the 1800’s and famous for making a ‘suit of amour’ out of sheets of steel, which he wore to a gunfight at Glenrowan, Victoria. He survived the gunfight but was captured by police and eventually hung in 1880. Some might say he was like the equivalent of Jesse James. Whatever you think, he is an Australian folklore legend.

What Our Customers Say

"I had a steak and onion pie.delicious"

"Sooooo good I've had all of them, my favorite is Ned Kelley and steak and onion"

"Crackatinnie. They are delicious!"

"I highly recommend the Ned Kelly pies!!
A thick layer of perfectly seasoned steak in a buttery crust, with egg and real cheese on top of the meat... Absolutely my favorite of the pies, with the sausage rolls coming close second 😊"

Michelle Crawford

"I was so excited to get my hands on a Crackatinnie pie, they are hands down the best pies i have had outside of Melbourne Australia. I highly suggest you flip on the Friday night Footy, throw a pie in the oven and then Crackatinnie! A genuine Aussie pie right here in Nova Scotia Canada!"

Ken Godfrey

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