Friday Pieday

Every Friday we open up our freezer between 4pm and 6pm
for pickup for factory seconds and new releases.

More info below

Frieday Pieday

As we build our pies, we don’t manufacture them, from time to time we make a slight error……… These seconds pies and sausage rolls will not go to our resellers, as we want them to have prime, A grade, number 1 products. So what we do is offer these at a discounted price from our freezer door.

Simply order and pay online, pick up is Friday between 4pm and 6pm. Check back regularly (but not that regular, we try not to make errors :D) as these will change.

In addition to seconds, we will from time to time offer other specials, like a mystery box, this pack may have seconds or A grade, 6 different flavours or all the same flavour, “it’s gunna be a mystery” we do these to keep the stock moving from our freezer.

When we make a new flavour or product, these may turn up here also, again check back regularly, you may be the first to try something new!



Which 2 native Australian animals are on the Australian Coat of Arms?


The Kangaroo and Emu (we especially like the Kangaroo, they make a cracking pie!)