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Authentic Australian Pies

Have you ever thought about visiting Australia? To experience the landscape, wildlife, weather and culture?

Well! Lucky you, Crackatinnie Pies gives you the opportunity to experience some of Straya’s most iconic tucker, the meat pie & saussie roll and you don’t need to ride in the kerosene pigeon for a couple of days to get one. The map below shows you where you can get your hands on them.

“a good Aussie meat pie is judged by both flavour and eatability, this means, they must be able to be eaten one handed, the pastry must hold together and the filling cannot run, you can even eat these while driving a car!” Although we don’t recommend you try that!

When we moved to Canada, we missed Staya’s national cuisine, see in Straya these little treasures can be found everywhere school tuck shops, servo’s, corner stores, bakeries and even pie vans that travel from business to business tooting their horns so you can get a hot pie for smoko without leaving work. So we started making our own.

We wanted to make, not just a meat pie, not just a representation of an Australian meat pie, but an authentic Australian meat pie, one that could hold its own in the huge Stayan meat pie market, which is approximately 270 million pies sold each year. That works out to around 10 pies a year for every bloke, sheila and billy lid in the country!

“We tested them and we all loved them very good and I will be trying the other ones and will let everyone know how we feel and will highly recommend them”

If you’d like to translate the Australian slang above, check this dictionary

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What Our Customers Say

"I had a steak and onion pie.delicious"

"Sooooo good I've had all of them, my favorite is Ned Kelley and steak and onion"

"Crackatinnie. They are delicious!"

"I highly recommend the Ned Kelly pies!!
A thick layer of perfectly seasoned steak in a buttery crust, with egg and real cheese on top of the meat... Absolutely my favorite of the pies, with the sausage rolls coming close second 😊"

Michelle Crawford

"I was so excited to get my hands on a Crackatinnie pie, they are hands down the best pies i have had outside of Melbourne Australia. I highly suggest you flip on the Friday night Footy, throw a pie in the oven and then Crackatinnie! A genuine Aussie pie right here in Nova Scotia Canada!"

Ken Godfrey

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